Future note in case I start selling personalized gene edited potato homes and a client start to pressure into coding extra benefits into his home’s DNA.

Not everyone wants to live in a self sufficient underground potato home but it’s good for all of us.

This has been quite a problem for architects for centuries since we often have to take into account some old couple’s wish to shape their home potato as a butterfly. Human inputs are troublesome to take into account into any algorithm. But their movements aren’t, so the only way we could shape this old couple house as a butterfly if one of them starts to run around the wings perimeter and the other one cooks and showers in both extremes of its antennas. After some time the butterfly shape will start to make sense and the potato house might adapt. Don’t give into corruption. I don’t want to sound authoritarian but the planet is not goin to tolerate any more free butterfly potato shaped homes not to mention most of them are not self sufficient and still as ugly as a potato.