My work is mainly oriented in computed assisted form finding and automated machine manufacturing. The specificity of most of it makes it difficult to solve a functional problem beyond the spectrum it was designed for. With this in mind I think the best approach into making something useful out of it is to dissect some of the never ending scripts and grasshopper definitions into smaller more useful chunks that can be used for other projects and by others.

I’m an Architect not a Programmer, so you will find errors in both fields. I was more joyfully obligated into publishing my scripts as in motivated to do it. I have been convinced that the only way we can survive as humanity is by producing and sharing information. Here is my part on sharing.

Design thinking

Thinking about Architecture as some intrinsic or emergent part of the universe allows us to reduce some of its properties into fundamental variables that can be understood through mathematics and then be shaped by the laws of science. The scale we have reach as humanity and the amount of information we have gathered about ourselves and our surroundings allows us to use some of the most advance problem solving techniques such as genetic algorithms and neural networks into real practical design applications.

Form finding through generative design

I have experience in designing and optimizing panelized structures through genetic algorithms. I think the valuable part in this approach is that it can take multiple dimensions into account such as strength, use of material and manufacturing process to output the most optimal solution. I usually work with Python and Rhino Grasshopper.

Automated machine manufacturing

On the hardware side I work with multi-axis CNCs, lathes and 3D printers. I use RPI, Arduino or similar boards to interface with most of these machines through a serial USB connection.

All of these machines are now treated as independent IOT clients that can be controlled through the Production Cloud Server. The machine client installation file is available at the Software Downloads section.

Production cloud

Most of my workshop development software is focused on the automation part of the manufacturing process. The current working solution is a cloud hosting file server with the ability to remotely control CNC machines. These CNC machines are shared among users who have the ability to share their production files as well.

Some of the advantages for this approach are:

  • Parallel batch production between multiple coordinated machines
  • Multiple users sharing the same machine
  • Community based production

The Production Cloud Server has become the basis for manufacturing almost all of my current projects. Apart from been a practical tool it has allowed me to focus on the development of form finding algorithms and paneling solutions that take advantage of this production model.

Production workshops

The workshop as a dynamic place for manufacturing and learning through the use of new technologies and innovative solutions.

Linarand workshop

Linarand is one the leading Mexican companies in the conveyor belt industry. It has been the main supporter of my research. I started working with them after they sponsored an aluminum CNC machine that I had been designing for a while. After building this machine I automated other manufacturing processes within the factory and was assigned a dedicated warehouse to work alongside their engineering teams.

Linarand has been my head quarters for the last four years and a launching platform for all my enterprises. Apart from the technical knowledge acquired from their teams, they have helped me to understand a company as a whole that starts and ends in the people that sustain it.


SPK stands for Sputnik, as in first attempt.

Formal education

Into the future

Acquiring social scientific data to allow the algorithms to shape its output accordingly. In a urban scale. I don’t believe social data per se exists so maybe the first approach is to measure our movements or the amount of energy we consume. Not sure where to start. Maybe I will try to approach the problem as information theory and entropy states just measuring the energy. I need to know more Math and rewrite this paragraph.