Web-app for remotely automated CNC manufacturing

The Production Cloud Server hosts all the manufacturing files and software to integrate a design into a digital automated production line. It can be self implemented with the appropriate knowledge and hardware. For a pre-built business solution check our Mx Industries project.

It has the ability to remotely control CNC machines, allowing for a centralized controlled production line. The production line is seen as a list of IOT CNC machines each with its own client. The server feeds g-code files to these remote machines allowing them to work together in the same design.

Some of the advantages for this approach are:

  • Parallel batch production between multiple coordinated machines
  • Multiple users sharing the same machine
  • Community based production


Production Cloud Server

Production Cloud

The Cloud part of the server enables the users to share their products and IOT CNC machines. This allows the production line to be extended seamlessly into other workshops or some student’s garage near you.

Machine client

The client can be understood as a g-code file queue container installed on a local machine that can perform certain tasks remotely from the production server, such as:

  • Live CNC control and g-code previsualization with Tiny-G and GRBL controlled machines with Chilipeppr.
  • Remote USB emulator for non compatible machines (client must be installed on rpi zero)
  • USB hub for file transfer (all g-code files in queue are copied to an external USB when inserted into the host computer)

Setup guide

The machine client installation file is available at the Software Downloads section.

Compatible CNC machines

Medium Aluminum CNC Generation 2.0 Current

This is lightweight machine primarily design with OpenBuilds assembly parts and some custom CNC aluminum plates.

Download files

GitHub download - AluminumMedium-OpenBuilds-CNC.dxf.zip

GitHub download - AluminumMedium-OpenBuilds-CNC.skp.zip