Pre-built business workshops

Small scale and local manufacturing workshop’s based on the Production Cloud Server with the goal of re-dignifying Mexico’s low income housing through digital parametric designed and automated industrial manufactured everyday objects.


Mexico has long lost the ability to self maintain itself through localized and self consumed production. We think this is due to a lack of knowledge not resources. Mx Industries growth strategy its based on the idea that transferring the production method into the workshop its more important than the product itself.


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Table of contents

Materials and services


The list of materials should be as short as possible, they all need to be panel shaped and stored on site.

  • Laminated plywood (Solid colors only)
  • Composite aluminum (Solid colors only)
  • Aluminum 6061 (Natural or sanded)
  • Lexan
  • High density industrial plastics

Storefront services:

The services must be performed on site.

  • Live adjustment of parametric products and rendering
  • 2D CAD/CAM g-code file creation
  • CNC machining
  • Semi-automatic PVC edge banding for laminated plywood

Web services:

Online store interactions.

  • Requests simple machining job and upload drawing files (hosted in the cloud server)
  • Online parametric store for initial products (external web-app for e-commerce)

Initial products

The first approach will be to start with some of the most utilitarian home furniture. It should be designed only with the materials and production methods provided by the workshop. All of these initial product will be delivered as parametric files ready to be lived adjusted for the client and ready to send from the Sales department directly into Manufacturing.

Product list:

  • Closet
  • Bathroom/Kitchen sink cabinet
  • Bathroom/Kitchen cabinets
  • Working desk/table
  • Door internal
  • Door external
  • Panel wall - Exterior
  • Lightweight self standing wall - Interior
  • Table (not parametric)
  • Chair (not parametric)


Machines needed:

  • 1 - CNC machine 250cm x 130cm - Work machine
  • 1 - CNC Machine 90cm x 90cm - Desktop machine
  • 1 - CNC mono axis machine for edge drilling
  • 1 - 3D printer
  • 1 - Semi-automatic edge banding machine
  • 1 - Sanding machine +- 450cm cube
  • n - …

Product workflow

The workflow divided into manageable segments:

  • Sales
    Creates the initial product in the cloud with the design request.

  • Drawing
    Sees the request from the sales team and returns the product ready for manufacturing including cutting time, processes involved and materials needed.

  • Cutting
    This team is the one in charge of machining the g-codes created by the drawing team and preparing the manufactured parts for the next team.

  • Edge banding
    This process is only used for some laminated plywood projects.

  • Packaging
    Involves protecting the work done for further integration or shipping.

  • Assembly
    If necessary this team is the one in charge of Assembly and Installation. Assembly depends on Sales.

Sales and Assembly does not properly belongs to this workflow and its coordinated by a separate department.

Internal structure


The management team will be the same for all workshops and sales teams. They will all be integrated through the production cloud server.


  • Accounting
  • Internal task management
  • Retail purchases and stock control
  • IT

Job titles:

  • Director (Senior)
  • Accountant (Senior or outsourced)
  • Auxiliary Accountant (Junior)


Involves sales outside the storefront services and works alongside the workshop team. Its was originally thought as a separate side department and still open for debate.


  • Sales
  • Shipping
  • Assembly and Installation (if needed will be provided by an external team)
  • Client service

Job titles:

  • Salesperson (Senior)


This team is the backbone of the manufacturing process.


  • Storefront services
  • Drawing
  • Cutting
  • Edge banding
  • Packaging

Job titles:

  • Workshop manager (Senior)
  • Designer or similar (Junior)
  • CNC operator (Junior)
  • Manufacturing Auxiliary (Junior)


We need to understand that making this project community based is not enough to justify the materials involved in the production process. There is no point in dignifying low income housing if Earth is inhabitable. This project cannot be understood without a future phase in which the materials used are also self manufactured and with the least possible ecological damage.

We still need to further plan this strategy but its main goal is to #MakePeaceWithBillNye by 2021.



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