Our work is mainly divided in three areas, all of them related to digital manufacturing technologies. The first one is software development and machine automation, its main purpose is to offer a stand-alone platform for the manufacturing process, called The Production Cloud Server.

Based on this platform, we offer a wide variety of everyday use CNC machined products in our local workshops. We also have a pre-built business solution to implement your own business through our MX Industries branch.

For more advance parametric structure designs we have DFMD Industries, which is mainly oriented in designing efficient and low cost structural geometries by implementing heuristic optimization algorithms. It’s a client oriented firm, from small scale industrial design to lightweight parametric roofing and façade structures.

We try to manufacture most of our designs through our own family of workshops making this architectural branch unique in the way it implements industrial manufacturing automation and parametric design.

Web-app for remotely automated CNC manufacturing

The Production Cloud Server hosts all the manufacturing files and software to integrate a design into a digital automated production line. It can be self implemented with the appropriate knowledge and hardware. For a pre-built business solution check our Mx Industries project.


Pre-built business workshops

Small scale and local manufacturing workshop’s based on the Production Cloud Server with the goal of re-dignifying Mexico’s low income housing through digital parametric designed and automated industrial manufactured everyday objects.


Generative designed refugee structures

Lightweight geometric optimized self supporting structures for roofing and weather protection.