• Rhino Python Branch Growth Visualization

    This video shows a growth pattern drive by random direction choices and a simple collision detector that includes other branches and a perimeter.

  • Rhino Python Path Tracing Animation

    This is a concept test for creating a frame by frame animation using Rhino and Python. It’s definitely not the fastest way to create an animation but it may be a useful tool to visualize evolving data through time and have a better understanding of some optimization algorithms strategies within a script.

  • Open Source Cncs

    These are some of the machines I have designed for the workshop. They are base on the DYU Open source maker movement but can easily accomplish professional works. Its a good starting point for a workshops but I would recommend a newer options from OpenBuilds or Inventables. All of them are compatible with the Production Cloud Server.

  • Hexagonal Cloth Chair

    HEX 2.0 is a concept chair design I’ve been working for a few years now. I first thought about it with Marina Peniche at 2008, a few years later y built it with some modifications. It looked good but it wasn’t comfortable. This is my third attempt into finding the right amount of hexagons with the exact amount of tension.

  • Future Personal Note For Gene Edited Potato Homes

    Future note in case I start selling personalized gene edited potato homes and a client start to pressure into coding extra benefits into his home’s DNA.

  • Bridge Form Finding With Genetic Algorithms

    The goal is to create a bridge like model that suffices these parameters in the most optimal way:

    • Create a link between two separate planes.
    • Reduce the amount of material used.
    • Increase the strength of the link.

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