Simulation of a Stranded Beest by Theo Jansen made in Rhino3D with Grasshopper and Kangaroo physics

I made this exercise a while ago when I was learning Kangaroo but all I could found was the video. I think it would be amazing to parametrice some values of the beast geometry and take them into account in a genetic algorithm. The organism will try to reach its most optimal form to travel the furthest with the less amount of energy in a fixed amount of time. The genes that come to my mind are the length of the rods and the intersection angles between them but I don’t a have clear strategy at the moment.

I’m goin to try and recreate this simulation using Kangaroo 2.0. Judging by the date, 2014, I probably used version 1.0 anyway. Lately I have been using Flexhopper instead of Kangaroo but I have not been able to combine it with any GA problem solving Grasshopper plugin. I think the zombie solver in Kangaroo pauses in some way that it resets the simulation by itself.

Stranded Beest Webpage

TheoJanse'sImagess Stranded Beest


Screen captures from videos published in the Stranded Beest Webpage

Stranded Beest 2D simulation in Kangaroo


For the modeling I plan to use Rhino3D and Grasshopper, same as before. Octopus for the GA solver instead of Galapagos, and Kangaroo2.0 for the physics engine.

Octopus outputs some good looking graphics.

Octopus graphic Octopus genetic algorithm solver graphic example



  • Recreate 2D rigid model with Kangaroo2
  • Define parameters to use as genes